Paola Amador

Mexican Fashion Designer 

(The brand is Based in London & Guadalajara, Mexico)

Paola Amador is a creative visionary who embarked on her journey of entrepreneurship in 2009. Living on the beautiful beaches of Mexico and indulging in frequent travels, she found inspiration in the vibrant cultures and landscapes around her. Fuelled by her passion for fashion and design, Paola began creating unique and stylish designs for her own travel adventures.


After completing her studies as a Fashion Designer in Guadalajara, Paola faced the challenge of finding suitable employment. Undeterred, she took matters into her own hands and decided to venture into the world of entrepreneurship. With a firm belief in her creative abilities, she established her own business and embarked on the exciting path of selling her designs on social media platforms.


Driven by her distinctive style and unwavering determination, Paola made a significant impact in the fashion industry. Her designs resonated with countless individuals who shared her love for wanderlust and unique fashion. Encouraged by her growing customer base, Paola took her brand to new heights by opening a physical store, where customers could experience her creations firsthand.


For a decade, Paola's store served as a haven for fashion enthusiasts seeking one-of-a-kind pieces that encapsulated the essence of their travels. From vibrant prints inspired by tropical paradises to elegant and timeless designs influenced by cultural discoveries, Paola's brand offered a diverse range of fashion options.


Through her journey, Paola Amador has not only left an indelible mark on the world of fashion but has also inspired countless aspiring entrepreneurs to follow their dreams. Her success story serves as a reminder that passion, creativity, and perseverance can pave the way for extraordinary achievements.